Pranks are always fun, until you meet that specific one.

Walking on the street, following my map. walking on my feet, I took of my small cap. The door as red as beet, between there was a gap. peeking through the space, colour drained from my face.

My heart started to pace, feelings also raced. Looking at the scene, i feel a gentle tap! Its face looks kind of mean,and thats when I knew, I fell into a trap. Regaining consciousness the creature looked mysterious. I blinked once, blinked twice, with clear vision I see mice.

Sneaking on the ground, the creature has found, its meal it has been wanting for a while. Escaping from the trap, still following my map. Entering a room, I thought I met my doom. I stood at the mirror, and saw a girl in white behind me. It was covered in litter, I wonder what it used to be! 

I did not even bother looking around, instead I just ran. i did not make a sound, but outside was parked a mysterious white van. I continued to run all the way home. I heard a low groan. Zombies surrounding my house!? Vampires all around. One was eating a mouse, I collapsed to the ground.

When i woke up, they all surround me! One hand me a cup? Haha now i see! This was all just a trick or treat mystery! We all laughed at the prank they did, but I asked them about the haunted house. They said it has been forbidden Wait so that was owned by someone else?! 

We all looked towards that direction, we heard a howl. ” So I went into a creepy mansion?! ” The mystery of that house, will never be found…

Never judge a bee by its looks

Image result for cute bees

Looking at those birds, chirping through the night, buffaloes running in herds, my happiness is beyond height.

soaring through the sky, those gales love to fly, singing rather high, I would like to pass by.

passing by a tree, across I see, a cute little bumble bee! That is  about to sting me … !

Now you know my life

  A smile is plastered on my face, my friends all make fun on my race. I get pushed around here and there. Sadly, I can’t run anywhere. 

I wake up every morning feeling so alone, I don’t want to go to school, and let the bullies hear my pitiful groan. They kick me, push me, throw me all around, but NO ONE even bothers helping me from the ground.