Pranks are always fun, until you meet that specific one.

Walking on the street, following my map. walking on my feet, I took of my small cap. The door as red as beet, between there was a gap. peeking through the space, colour drained from my face.

My heart started to pace, feelings also raced. Looking at the scene, i feel a gentle tap! Its face looks kind of mean,and thats when I knew, I fell into a trap. Regaining consciousness the creature looked mysterious. I blinked once, blinked twice, with clear vision I see mice.

Sneaking on the ground, the creature has found, its meal it has been wanting for a while. Escaping from the trap, still following my map. Entering a room, I thought I met my doom. I stood at the mirror, and saw a girl in white behind me. It was covered in litter, I wonder what it used to be! 

I did not even bother looking around, instead I just ran. i did not make a sound, but outside was parked a mysterious white van. I continued to run all the way home. I heard a low groan. Zombies surrounding my house!? Vampires all around. One was eating a mouse, I collapsed to the ground.

When i woke up, they all surround me! One hand me a cup? Haha now i see! This was all just a trick or treat mystery! We all laughed at the prank they did, but I asked them about the haunted house. They said it has been forbidden Wait so that was owned by someone else?! 

We all looked towards that direction, we heard a howl. ” So I went into a creepy mansion?! ” The mystery of that house, will never be found…